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Spanish Saffron (1g)

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Pure Spanish Saffon.
Wheat-free • Does not naturally contain gluten • Vegetarian, Vegan • Dairy-free.


Pure saffron is the most expensive spice today due to each filament needing to be hand picked during the harvesting process. This spice adds a unique flavour and also adds a very rich colour to dishes that’s far superior to turmeric.
  • Only one or two threads are needed in any recipe.
  • Great for adding colour and flavour to dishes.
  • Can be used in rice recipes such as Paella.
More Info

How to Use

Before using, a couple of stems is all that is needed, needs steeping in order to release the colour and flavour in hot water before being added to any recipe. This is to ensure the spices flavours are fully released and not lost during the cooking process.

Cooking Tip

Add a couple of strands to a paella recipe to make the dish rich in colour and flavour.

Health Benefits

Saffron is believed to help lower heart rate and blood pressure as well as potentially stimulate respiration. The spice is also thought to help ease digestion.


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