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Why Absolute Spice?

The best quality cooking spices you'll find online

At Absolute Spice we scour the globe sourcing the freshest, most potent herbs & spices for people who take their flavour seriously. We're 100% natural, vegan, gluten free and believe we're one of the finest cooking spices you’ll find online whether you’re looking for Asian curry spices online or just cooking spices for your favourite homemade dishes. 

Fresher and more variety than supermarkets…

Unlike supermarkets, we have a quicker turnover rate to ensure fresher quality cooking spices, optimum flavour while carrying a wider range of spices online.

Did you know spices found on the shelves of your general supermarket may have been sitting there for up to a year, not including the period of time it may have been stored in a warehouse. There's a big chance spices from supermarkets will be stale, resulting in dulled flavour, not mentioning the high probability of some of these spices containing contaminants or preservatives.

With over 40 years of expertise behind us, our team are adept at unearthing the very best herbs & spices in the world

Before you buy our cooking spices online, the spices go through rigorous testing, carrying certificates & traceability. We do this to ensure its purity to carry the best health benefits enriching your body that’s not only good for you but actually makes you feel really good.

Many Asian cooking spices especially curry spices found online & in-store do not carry certificates nor is it truly clear how pure the spices you’re putting into your body really are. 

Cook like a pro…

Our experts continually provide & source cooking spices for some of Central London’s Michelin Star & award winning restaurants including Asian spices connoisseurs such as The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen, Gymkhana & Cinnamon Soho.

We believe home cooking deserves the same high quality cooking spices award-winning chefs use and welcome the opportunity to serve you with spices that the experts cook with. With us expect fresh flavoursome quality cooking spices without any adulteration.

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what our customers say...

The spices smell fresh & amazing and made such a difference to my meals. The proof was in my curry! Binny Shah, London
Amazing. I could taste the fresh flavour, no wonder the TV chefs use these. I can’t fault the service & price too, well done! Kirsty Massey, Cambridge 
A little bit went a long way. My spices lasted much longer than my usual brand and brought a much more pleasant taste to my food, the kids loved it too. Leslie Fyson, Manchester